Woodworking & Resin Art for DIY Home Decor Handmade Resin and Wood Clock #woodworking #diy

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Welcome back to the FxP art channel! Are you ready for a new DIY video?
Unlock the secrets of creating a handmade resin and wood clock with this detailed tutorial. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and fans of woodworking and resin art, this video showcases the intricate process of crafting a unique timepiece. I take you through each step, from selecting high-quality wood, mixing and pouring resin, to assembling the moving parts. Learn tips and tricks for working with these materials, gain insights into design choices, and witness how patience and precision can turn woodwork and resin into functional home decor. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced maker, this guide provides valuable skills for your next project. Subscribe for more DIY home decor ideas and woodworking plans!

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